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The table below lists course topics added to the Twiki. Some courses have been offered previously while others are in development. Additional teaching modules that address single topics can be found on the TeachingModules page.

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Topic: Last modified: No. Revisions:
ColdSpringHarborCourse 2009-08-06 - 05:12 32
MicroscopesToModels 2010-08-16 - 23:18 3
ModelingInBiologyCourse 2009-04-14 - 13:55 38
PresentationsSC10BE 2010-11-17 - 20:21 3
Number of topics: 4

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Once you Register at TWikiRegistration you can use the edit button at the bottom and top of pages to edit content.

How to Create Your Course Module

  • To contribute new Course Modules, contact me Raquell and I'll get you started.
  • To add a new topic page to this site, go to the create new topic page. Give the topic a WikiWord name.
  • Enter topic information and click on "Create New Topic" on the on the left navigating bar
  • Click on "Continue to create the new page"
  • Enter a Topic Name in WikiWord format. Choose a parent Topic: CategoryCourse. Click on "Create this topic."
  • In your new topic page, click edit and enter the parent Topic to make it appear in the the table. Then your topic is found in the CategoryCourse Table. (eliminate spaces for WikiWord links to work)
  • Click on prototype and click on edit. Select and copy the code for the table, then go back to your new page and add the table.
  • Edit your table, add attachments (include a comment that will show at list of attachments at the bottom of your page, select the property to "Create a link to the attached file"), and personalize your page.

Outline for Course Modules

Course Module Descriptions are based on the CourseProtoType

  • I. Course Abstract: Introduce objectives of the course and overview of content
  • II. Physiology: Give a brief descroption of the physiology and biology covered in the course.
  • III. Model description: Application of model to physiology and molecular biology. Include assumptions (system statements).
  • IV. Model Files: Attach VCML files or location of the model and add a description of the file (e.g. math, bio, etc)
  • V. Exercises: Include exercise files with directions to explore a biological question or distinguish behaviors (e.g. change in parameters)
  • VI. Further Readings: Links for PUBMED References or helpful sources of information for the module


-- KhanhNguyen - 29 Jun 2009

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