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How to Use the Course ProtoType

Copy/Paste the table below to your Course Module Page and fill in the table.

  • After you have created a new WikiTopic for your Course (See "Add Your Own" on CategoryCourse), click on the page edit button on top or bottom of this page.
  • Copy the tables below in either WYSIWYG or RAW edit mode, return to your new WikiTopic and Paste the content in the same edit mode. Do not paste content in a different edit mode (ie. copy from WYSIWYG and paste in RAW), because you will possibly lose important table properties!
  • If you have additional questions on how to create your Course Module page, please email rholmes@uchc.edu for directions and specific feedback.

What's in a course module: CourseModuleDescription

Course Module Description

Key Value
Course Name: My course name
Author(s): I am the author with collegues
Institutions My university, city, state
Keywords: (e.g. Lotka-Volterra)
UG Course Level: Beginner
Tool(s): Virtual Cell
Other tool(s): (e.g. MATLAB)
Module Created: 2008/9/22 (year, month, day)
Course Abstract Give an introduction to the course, how it is taught, and the length of the course (e.g. short course, semester course..). In each module, the models are attached with a description and extra class materials. If using Virtual Cell models, see the VirtualCellPage or the User Guide at http://www.vcell.org/login/documentation.html
Contact Email: My Email

Copy/Paste the table found above to your Course Module Page and fill in the table. Use the Teaching Modules ProtoType to add content for each section (week, lecture, etc) of the course. The Teaching Module ProtoType contains the Teaching Module Description and Module tables.

-- KhanhNguyen - 2009-11-30

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