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Module Name: Fluorescent Redistribution After Photobleaching
Author(s): Ann Cowan, Center for Cell Analysis and Modeling
Institutions University Connecticut Health Center, Farmington, CT
Module Biology Topic: Physical Properties
Other Biology Topic:  
Keywords: diffusion, mobile fractions, images, fluorescence, fluorescent intensity
UG Course Level: Intermediate
Tool(s): Virtual Cell
Other tool: Excel
Module Created: 24 July 2008
Status Complete


key value
Abstract The exercise is based on a series of Fluorescence Redistribution After Photobleaching (FRAP) experiments designed to demonstrate how FRAP experiments are done and some basic principles of diffusion. Sample data is provided from a student laboratory, but if you have the resources available you can do the experiment as well as the data analysis
Physiology Allophycocanine (APC) dye is soluble, primarily monomer and generally is large enough that it does not enter the nucleus.
Model description The Virtual Cell Model associated with this exercise creates a single species (APC) within a geometry. It is assumed that no reactions (binding, transformation, etc) are occuring. The model is used to understand the relationship of geometry to diffusion coefficients and the rates of fluorescent redistribution.
Diffusion_Primer.doc: a primer on key concepts and equations describing diffusion.
Model files Tutorial_FRAP.vcml: VCML File of FRAP Tutorial
Model exercises

APC_FRAP_excercise.doc: Background and directions for FRAP class exercise
APC_FRAP_Data.xls: Fluorescent Intensity values extracted from image data set

Note that APC data set should open and import with VCell 4.8

Further readings and references FRAP_with_binding_tutorial: This tutorial will help your understanding of the APC FRAP exercise
Animation of FRAP Experimental Process
Diffusion demonstration
diffusion/FRAP demonstration


-- RaquellHolmes - 13 Jan 2009

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Microsoft Excel Spreadsheetxls APC_FRAP_Data.xls manage 111.5 K 2009-01-13 - 23:16 UnknownUser Fluorescent Intensity values extracted from image data set
Microsoft Word filedoc APC_FRAP_excercise.doc manage 43.0 K 2009-01-13 - 23:19 UnknownUser Background and directions for FRAP class exercise
Microsoft Word filedoc Diffusion_Primer.doc manage 38.0 K 2009-01-13 - 23:25 UnknownUser A primer on key concepts and equations describing diffusion
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