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Teaching Modules for Cell Biology

All modules are in development. You may use content in this site, however the content has not yet been peer reviewed for accuracy or ease of implementation. More content can be found in the CategoryCourse pages.

Initial Modules

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Module topics to be "adopted"

Below is the list of modules to be created and links to requested information on your module. Search: CategoryAdoptModule

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Simulation Software

Each teaching module and course makes use of the software best known by the faculty member who developed it. The software identified below are often used or recommended by faculty who model. The software pages in this TWiki are intended to serve as short tutorials or introductions for tools that may be used in undergraduate Cell Biology courses.

VirtualCellPage Virtual Cell GepasiPage Gepasi JWSOnlinePage JWS online MATLABPage MATLAB XPPPage XPP

The Twiki site is designed to be edited by multiple authors. The contents of this site have been organized to include a list of Teaching Module Topics that are biological topics to be taught within biology courses. We are adding content and categories as contributions are made. When you use materials, let us know your experience by contacting Raquell.

How to Modify an Existing Teaching Module

  • Click on the Topic Names in the Initial Modules to see what has been created as teaching materials.
  • To adopt a Teaching Module and add content, click on the Topic name and then edit the associated page.

How to Create Your Own Teaching Module

  • To contribute new Teaching Module Topics, contact me Raquell and I'll get you started.
  • Click on "Create New Topic" in the left navigation menu for CompCellBio Web
  • Click on "Continue to create the new page"
  • Enter a Topic Name in WikiWord format. Choose a parent Topic: Teaching Module. Click on "Create this topic."
  • In your new topic page, click edit and enter the parent Topic to make it appear in the the table. Then your topic is found in the Teaching Module Table. (eliminate spaces for WikiWord links to work)
  • Click on prototype and click on edit. Select and copy the code for the table, then go back to your new page and add the table.
  • Edit your table, add attachments (include a comment that will show at list of attachments at the bottom of your page, select the property to "Create a link to the attached file"), and personalize your page.

  • Or you can refer to CreateTeachingModule for tables you need to copy and paste to your new Twiki page.

Outline for Teaching Modules

Teaching Module Descriptions are based on the ProtoType

  • I. Abstract: Introducing objectives of module
  • II. Physiology: Highlights of physiology, reference existing resources
  • III. Molecular Biology: Highlights of biology, reference existing resources
  • IV. Model: Assumptions (system statements). Application of model to physiology and molecular biology in II and III
  • V. Exercises: Direction to explore a biological question or distinguish behaviors e.g. changes in parameters Suggested modifications for the model to take into account additional biological detail
  • VI. Highlights
  • VII. Further Readings
  • VII. Historical Notes

Developers Notes On Teaching Module Description

To add a new topic page to this site, go to the create new topic page. Give the topic a WikiWord name.

-- KhanhNguyen - 29 May 2009

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