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GDB's, SCC's, and animal facility list of known problems and/or unsatisfied requirements at 400 Farmington Ave:


  • Priority 1 - Critical
  • Priority 2 - Important and urgent
  • Priority 3 - Important, but not urgent

Table - List of Issues

Room Fixed? PrioritySorted ascending Short Description Kevin Comments Goody Clancy Comments Comments posted by
1261 and 1112 No 1 Install Millipore Water Purification Systems Bob Tryon is working with contractor on this (IB)   Bill Mohler
1252 No 1 Add CO2 to fly room   Pricing issued by FIP. Work can begin after pricing is approved by the University  
1157 No 1 Autoclave and Dishwasher need to operational as soon as possible   FIP is working on outstanding issues with autoclaves and R1157 glasswash. R1565 glasswash should be operational now. Autoclave (and the R1716 autoclave) now running, though the CM advises they are having Tuttnauer come out to debug some trouble issues. CCAM Dishwasher is functional and ready for use - IB
1157 No 1 Racks for Dishwasher to be ordered,quote revieved by Bob Tryon     Racks have been ordered - IB



1 Power outlets circuit BPPLR1C3 67 are dead on Mohler Lab benchtop     Bill Mohler
R1R1 DONE 1 No hot water in ladies room - Still not working 8.9.10   Circuit setters installed- hot water appears to be flowing correctly now. I.Bates
1247,1243,1242 DONE 1 Vaccum for hoods still needed??   Plumber advises all hoods now connected. C.Crandall
R1132 No 1 Microscope room needs to be a dark room, black curtain needed and door sweep to keep light out   Curtain was included in proposal request to change the space out, GCA will have FIP advise when it is due to arrive. Tu Nguyen
R1256 No 1 2nd gas and vacuum line for stem cell hood     k. morris
R1256 No 1 correct placement of hood not there, furniture not in place. When is furniture coming? TABLES ARE BEING RUSHED, BEEN CHECKING WITH VENDOR WEEKLY I. BATES Thank you!   k. morris
R1240 DONE 1 Several outlets not working yet   Electrician advises they turned the breakers back on. Please advise if anything is still out. L. Crandall
R1240 DONE 1 Need vac hookup on last two hoods   All hoods should now be piped. L. Crandall
R1240 No 1 Three TC hoods require repairs - 2 did not pass certification, one is structurally damaged   UCHC In-house issue. Kevin may be able to advise on vendors to do the repairs. L. Crandall
R1333 No 1 Revise air balance in R1333 to negative     K. Hoyt
R1330 No 1 Loose aggregate at epoxy floor     K. Hoyt
R1639/1639A   1 No airflow in Bioinformatics room and Hager Office   Repair of fan coil unit is underway Janet Hager
R1118/1114   1 The motion sensor is only activated at the other end of the room, the R1114/R1112 side. If this is the way it was set up, IT MUST BE CHANGED!!!! right now, people working on the R1118 side have to walk all the way to the other end of the room to turn on the lights.



  Tu Nguyen
R1110   1 The write-up area has the same problem as the lab R1118/1116.     Tu Nguyen
R1341   1 Fume hood in procedure room still no power!     Cathy Guo
R1639   1 Need under desk lockable file cabinet     Janet Hager
R1221   1 Post-PCR lab door needs either key card entry or ability to set as "unlocked" from inside. Has to be opened with key at every entry - too difficult when carrying materials from pre-PCR to post-PCR     Janet Hager
R1221   1 Post-PCR - change lighting fixtures from "office" type to "lab" type. Too dim as they are now.     Janet Hager
R1224   1 Bench work needed on right wall of Pre-PCR room with electical strip on same wall.     Janet Hager
R1639A   1 Still no air flow in office     Janet Hager
1160 DONE 2

Appears fuses are blown in breakroom. All microwaves seem to be inoperable because there is no power to the outlet currently. I am not sure if the refrigerator is also affected.

Lower microwave works. -kim morris

  Electrician advises the outlet was replaced. M. DeConti
1264 No 2 Electrician needs to take room lighting off motion sensor, install "darkroom in use" sign over door of darkroom     BJM
1264 No 2 Add cold water line, dedicated outlet on back wall for Xray processor   Proposal request issued to FIP. BJM
1160 DONE 2 Hot water in break room   Work done. Hot water appears to be flowing correctly now. Water is there, just not hot--BJM
1276 No 2 Add CO2 to fly room   Pricing issued by FIP. Work can begin after pricing is approved by the University  
R1224 No 2 Standard power outlets on right wall of Pre-PCR room needed     Janet Hager
R1240 No 2 Need house LN2 hookup   UCHC equipment L. Crandall
R1240 No 2 Need house CO2 hookup   Work is underway L. Crandall
R1240 No 2 Need permanent MilliQ system hookup     L. Crandall
R1274 No 2

TC hood came late. Equipment not in proper place. Needs rearrangement.

  Hood appears to be correctly located (at the spot where the vac and gas connectiosn are) but is plugged into the wrong outlet. Needs to be moved enough to get the cord to the right outlet, through UCHC, so it can be piped. Sara Olson
R1261/1265 DONE 2 Hinge needs to be attached to door   Reattached Gail D
Main Lobby - Cafe walkway   2 Laminate flooring bounces when walked on   Supplier is aware of issue, and has proposed a fix. FIP will advise when they are able to come do the work. Janet Hager
R1112A   2 The bench and draws still have not arrived     Cathy Guo
R1221   2 Blinds for lab windows     Janet Hager



3 Write up desk "I" has no drawers     Sara Olson
1141 No 3 raise desk height to ~30"   Carrie is having furniture catalog information (which will include replacement legs / panels to raise the desks) sent to UCHC. Isolde Bates has been coordinating purchase of additional furniture items. Catalog information sent from bkm to Kevin Norton. BJM
1221 No 3 Blinds needed on lab windows     Janet Hager
R1118 DONE 3 A panel is left open on the ceiling near the Exit sign   Closed Tu Nguyen
R1160 No 3 Lock installed backwards between breakroom and writeup     k. morris
R1240 No 3 Add white boards and bulletin boards   GCA reviewed with SCC, pending UCHC approval to move ahead. L. Crandall
R1232 No 3 Need more file cabinets in writeup room   Furniture purchases are being coordinated through Isolde Bates L. Crandall
R1240 DONE 3 Lighbulbs need repair in lab.   FIP advises all bulbs were replaced L. Crandall
R1247 No 3 Shelves needed in this room   GCA reviewed with SCC, pending UCHC approval to move ahead. L. Crandall
R1241 No 3 Move cabinets to other wall   GCA reviewed with SCC, pending UCHC approval to move ahead. L. Crandall
R1232 No 3 Need wire management holes in wiretup desk top     L. Crandall
R1240 No 3 Install tall shelves in R1240     L. Crandall
R1247 No 3 Install tall shelves in R1247     L. Crandall
R1330 No 3 Paint on epoxy floor     K. Hoyt
R1269 DONE 3 Can phones be installed on wooden uprights in lab?   Phone installed by user k. morris
R1269 No 3 Paper towel boxes will be installed over sinks in lab?   Paper towel dispensers are an owner item - should be reviewed with Kevin Norton. k. morris
1157 No 3 DI water at sink in wash/autoclave room needs to be installed   DI water not requested in this room in the original contract documents. Please review with Kevin Norton, and if he approves we will direct the plumber to install to this location. k.morris
R1269 No 3 Drawer at bench off it's track, labeled "off it's track"     k.morris
R1112   3 Need to add 5 shelfs on the wall (39" W x15 3/4" D)     Cathy Guo
R1112A   3 Need to add 4 shelfs on the wall (115"W X15 3/4"D)     Cathy Guo
R1122   3 Need to add 1 shelf on the wall ( 90"W x 15 3/4" D)     Cathy Guo
R1112A   3 Need to add 4 more power outlets     Cathy Guo
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