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-- JimSchaff - 20 Aug 2008

-- AnnCowan - 2010-09-09

tidbits to fix on VFRAP1.1

- Load FRAP data wizard. Fix typo "varify/modify.." should be "verify"

-It would be nice to have the image controls (magnify, contrast, select image) available when you are in the ROI assistant. If the assistant comes up automatically, there is no way to magnify or change contrast without dismissing the assistant.

-the button for the "brush" on the ROI painting tools is not raised like the other buttons.

- On ROI wizard, would be nice to have it automatically go to the expected first postbleach image. This is also a good way for the user to know it is selecting the correct image.

-On scroll bar for picking which image to view, would be nice to have which image in the series (e.g. 1,2,3....etc) as well as time information.

-when evaluating CI for 2 diffusing components, ran into a situation where it worked for a long time. I tried to "cancel" and then "exit" but neither worked. Finally I tried the "estimate" button again, the CI working box went behind the active window and the estimated values immediately updated. Then the CI button brought up the confidence interval box, but the "still working" box was still going (behind active windows. Need some additional trouble-shooting here.

-really for Jim as well - when you try to use the confidence intervals on the diffusion with two components model, not only does it act weird but what you get in the end are pretty weird looking curves - is this maybe a good sign that the model is over fitted? Anyway we can better relay this info to the user?

When you open a new file, for the "save current file?" question it should say - "don't save" not "No thanks".

Topic revision: r2 - 2010-09-09 - 15:15:00 - AnnCowan
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