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-- JimSchaff - 2010-09-15

VisIt integration

Independent development projects

Java-viewerProxy integration of VCell client with VisIt Viewer component (Frank Morgan).

  • development configuration
    • all VisIt components on a same machine
    • use third-party data or VCell exported VTK data.
    • develop java viewerProxy simplified user interface for VCell integration.

VisIt database handler for VCell data formats (Frank Morgan / Fei Gao).

  • development configuration -
    • all VisIt components on same machine
    • use VisIt GUI (Qt/C++) for user interaction (no java)
    • develop VCell data plugin to natively visualize existing VCell data formats.

Client-server distributed configuration (Ed Boyce / Frank Morgan / Jim Schaff / Ion Moraru)

  • development configuration
    • VisIt GUI (Qt/C++) and Viewer on client machine
    • all other components on other machine (or on same machine)
    • develop network protocols using SSL (or whatever is appropriate).
    • test client-server with increasingly realistic network configurations and firewalls.
  • Overall approach
    • <<description needed>>
  • Authentication/Authorization/tunneling Approach
    • <<description needed>>
  • Server-side process/OS/networking configuration (DMZ/firewall/processes)
    • <<description needed>>
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